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MASH is entering a new era. Despite significant investment in MASH R&D in the past many of the attempts were met with major setbacks and high-profile failures. Now the tide is turning with Madrigal’s approval, six late-stage assets in phrase 3 and a plethora of assets in phase 1-2. However, there is a need for greater patient diversity across clinical trials, non-invasive biomarkers and robust models to recapitulate the pathophysiology of the disease. The community is relying on solution providers to overcome many of the developmental hurdles.  

The 8th MASH Summit provides partnership opportunities including branding, exhibiting and speaking opportunities to allow you to build valuable connection, showcase your expertise and become a thought leader in space.   

Looking to Position Yourself as a Leader Within the MASH Development Space?  

The surge of investment and momentum in the MASH field means biopharma are actively seeking collaborations with metabolic and fibrotic service providers.

  • Showcase Your Innovative Solutions: Engage with metabolic scientists spanning discovery, translational, clinical and regulatory expertise who are actively seeking high level support.
  • Enhance Business Connections: Secure valuable facetime with key metabolic and fibrotic decision-makers at the definitive industry meeting.
  • Thought Leadership: Stand out from your competitors in this rapidly evolving field by demonstrating to
    prospective clients how your MASH services and technologies can optimize their therapeutic development.
  • Elevate Brand Visibility: Increase you market share and grow awareness among hepatic experts through pre-conference and onsite advertising.

Download the event guide to learn more about how you can showcase your brand and capitalize on our audience of leading companies with active pipelines in MASH and metabolic diseases.

Biopharma Attending Such as AstraZeneca, BMS, Gilead, Regeneron, 89Bio, Akero Are Looking for Support With:

Non-Invasive Biomarkers

Digital Histopathology 

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