Pre-Conference Workshop Day
Tuesday, September 24, 2024

8:00 am Check In & Coffee

Preclinical & Translational Track

9:00 am Workshop A: Maximizing Translatability of Models: A Comprehensive Comparison of Existing Models


  • From GAN2 models, to IPSC models, to organ and chip, precision liver slices, and organoids models, which model is optimal? This workshop will be a deep dive comparison in vitro and in vivo model complexity and translatability.
  • Discuss developments which impact the suitability of different models for testing targets.
  • Comparing robustness, scalability, and reproducibility between model types.

Clinical & Regulatory Track

9:00 am Workshop B: Regulating Insulin Sensitivity in MASH


  • Insulin resistance is understood to be a central pathology driving the progression of MASH.
  • There are new understandings of the biological mechanisms of action behind the pathways driving pathology in the liver and other organs.
  • We will discuss ways of moving this field forward.

11:00 am Morning Break

11:30 am Workshop C: Delving into In Vitro and In Vivo Approaches to Improve Fibrosis Replication


  • In vitro and in vivo approaches to model fibrosis are currently a key challenge. There is a need to evaluate and incorporate all aspects of MASH into one system. With current approaches being used to induce fibrosis being highly irrelevant to human systems, this workshop will explore approaches to improve fibrosis modelling. Exploring how to integrate metabolic, arterial, and sympathetic health into a fibrosis system.

11:30 am Workshop D: Exploring Non-Invasive Tests & Biomarkers for MASH in Action


  • Delving into promising results for SNP-6 Series in treating MASH with multi-functional effects and a POC Quantitative Non-Invasive Test for MASH: Insights from animal and clinical trials. Showing clinically significant improvements in biomarkers of liver injury, inflammation, and fibrosis in a Phase 2 study in patients with MASH. Also exploring a case study of this in a phase 2 oral insulin versus placebo study

1:30 pm Lunch Break

2:30 pm Workshop E: Illuminating Novel Target Identification for MASH

  • David Lloyd VP metabolic disease, Insitro
  • Ezra Lowe Vice President - Clinical Pharmacology, Preclinical R&D, Galectin Therapeutics


  • Explore the latest advancements in identifying genetic targets and protein-based therapies for MASH. Devling into the power of machine learning and data at scale to decode the complexities of MASH. Aswell as the inhibition of the Galectin-3 protein as a novel target for the treatment of MASH.

2:30 pm Workshop F: Utilizing Early Phase Integrated Evidence Planning (IEP) to Streamline Non-Interventional Research Supporting MASH Therapeutic Development


Discuss process, value, and lessons learned around the development of an early phase integrated evidence plan supporting drug development for fibrotic MASH.

  • Differences between early and late stage IEP
  • Getting buy in with cross functional stakeholders
  • Why do an early phase IEP in this space
  • Running the IEP execution team
  • Lessons learned and impact for the program

4:30 pm End of Workshop Day